ImmediaTV openGear® - OG3 Frame

The OG3 is a 2RU high density modular frame, designed to accommodate up to 20 openGear® cards, with a dedicated 21st slot for the frame controller. The frame features front-to-back self-adjusting cooling and dual redundant hot-swappable power supplies. An OG3 frame accommodates up to ten MVN-EN460 encoder cards (for a maximum of 20 encoded channels) or up to ten MVN-MX260 gateway cards (for a maximum of 60 ASI ports). It can also accomodate up to 10 MVN-AS180 or MVN-XC440 Transcoder cards (for a maximum of 40 streams/channels). Products from different openGear vendors can be mixed and matched at will in the frame. The OG3 frame includes the DataSafe feature, which dramatically reduces downtime when failed modules are swapped out. All module parameters are stored on the local frame network card and automatically restored when a hot-swap is performed. DataSafe ensures a proper reconfiguration of replacement cards without the hassle of trying to remember previous settings. DataSafe can be enabled or disabled on a per slot basis through the frame’s network controller card. DataSafe’s intelligent design will only restore parameters when it detects a compatible replacement product. The frame controller includes one Ethernet port for management through the free DashBoard application, and optionally through SNMP.
Key Features:
  • 2RU frame houses up to 20 openGear® cards
  • Integrated Ethernet based frame controller for remote setup, monitoring, and control
  • Supports any mix of analog, digital, video and audio modules in the same frame
  • Modular I/O panels for connector flexibility
  • Removable front door for easy fan servicing
  • Robust 450 watt power supply with integral cooling
  • Optional redundant power supply, hot-swappable for 24/7 operation
  • Power switch is accessible from front of rack frame
  • Front loading power supplies
  • Optional SNMP control and monitoring
  • 5-year transferable warranty