ITV-MX260c Modular Media Gateway

The modular ITV-MX260c Media Gateway is compact, high performance solution, enabling transmission of real-time video over IP networks. The ITV-MX260c provides operators with a powerful, cost effective solution for processing or format converting DVB transport streams. The ITV-MX260c Media Gateway module is a high performance real time MPEG video processing solution that supports bidirectional Transport Stream to IP encapsulation as standard.

The ITV-MX260c has been designed to meet the demanding requirements of post-production, Contribution and Distribution applications enabling multiple MPEG transport streams to be transported through Gigabit Ethernet connections over an IP network. Download the ITV-MX260 datasheet by clicking here.

Support for ASI Equipment

The ITV-MX260c can be used to interface legacy ASI equipment eliminating the need for costly upgrades

Converting from microwave to IP transport

Since typically ASI is the interface for microwave links there is a need to bridge in order to convert to IP links. This is a popular trend in the broadcast market.

Base Features

ITV-MX260c Base System (ITV-MX260c/BAS)

  • 1x ASI to IP encapsulation or IP to ASI de-encapsulation
  • 1x Gigabit Ethernet interface
  • Management and control via DashBoard Software or SNMP
  • IP transmission using unicast or multicast
  • IP unicast/multicast and DVB-ASI input

Licensable Options

  • Additional Transport Stream outputs (ITV-MX260c/TS)
  • Enables second GbE port (ITV-MX260c/GBE)